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Meet our puppies

We keep the puppies for a period of eight to ten weeks to give them time to complete their learning with their mother. During this time, we nurture them, conduct a proper bill of health by a veterinarian and we teach them to socialize with other animals as well as with humans. When they are ready, they receive their vaccinations and are microchipped before leaving home. Of course, they will be carefully groomed before presenting them to you.  

You will see below, puppies that have been adopted in the past so you can see the quality and colors available. for adoption. The next litter is expected in 2023.

​Future weddings are planned based on the number of people on our waiting list. If you would like your name to be on the list contact us for a telephone interview. This allows us to select the parents of future puppies in order to guarantee the best possible adoption. Happy dog, happy family, right?.

Lots of life in the nursery!

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